5 Last Minute Gifts Anyone Would LOVE!

Hello In Stitches Family! It’s finally here! The week of Christmas! Is all your Christmas shopping done? Not yet? Well, let us help you with that with a few more gift ideas and WHY someone would you LOVE them!

We get it! Buying gifts is hard! And buying gifts this year is even harder! At least in some parts of the country! We’re here to help! Here are 5 last minute gifts that anyone would LOVE and WHY they would love them!!

Gift #1 – Towels

Why towels? Because everyone uses them but they are one of those things you just sort of use until they’re thread bare! That’s why a set of luxurious towels is an awesome gift for anyone on your list!

Gift #2 – Blankets

Everyone LOVES blankets! They’re so warm and cozy! You can keep them on the couch (or preferably in a basket next to the couch but that never happens in our house), you can keep them in your car! They’re great for building forts! Or for warming up after a snowball fight. Who doesn’t want to snuggle up after a hard day! Blankets are where it’s at!

Gift #3 – Aprons

I have a secret for you! We all gotta eat! And not everyone LOVES to cook. Why not make cooking a little more fun with a cute or handsome 😉 apron? And if you know someone who is ‘hot stuff’ then even better!

Gift #4 – Hats

You guys, not every day is going to be a good hair day! That’s just life. Or maybe someone you’re buying for hates having the sun on their face. Or maybe they like to keep the sun off their bald spot. Or maybe it helps keep their heads a little warmer. (Remember this post) Hats are so great for so many occasions! And a little humor never hurt anyone!

Gifts #5 – Something from the heart

Nobody tell Wendy’s 90 year old grandma about this one, ok? It’s a surprise! This is Wendy’s dad. Unfortunately, he’s no longer with us, but Wendy recently found this picture. She scanned it, Mike ‘cleaned it up’, and then it was sublimated onto photo slate. It’s such a heartfelt gift! A gift from the heart can never go wrong!

And there you have it! 5 last minute gifts anyone would LOVE

We hope this Holiday season finds your and yours healthy and happy!

Need some last minute personalization for a gift? Let us know quickly! Our schedule is almost full!

Merry Christmas,
Mike and Wendy
In Stitches Embroidery

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