A Knit Hat by Any Other Name

Whether you call them beanies, tuques, tobaggans, or touques, knit caps are an essential part of any winter wardrobe!

Hello In Stitches family! We hope that you’re keeping warm during our early winter here in South Dakota! With lots of cold weather ahead of us, now is the time to stock up on some new knit caps to keep you warm!

In World War II, doctors told the GI’s that they would lose 40-45% of their body heat through their heads. Now-a-days, doctors say that that just isn’t true. They say that your head is only 10% of your body mass so why would it lose so much heat? We respectfully disagree! Anyone who has been outside in very cold weather knows that having a warm hat on your head helps you feel much warmer! So, let’s look at some of the knit caps we have in stock plus learn a little about the history of knit caps. (Yes, there is a history of knit caps! We were as surprised as you!)

Throughout history, knit caps have been called a lot of different names! Even today, regional dialects have different names for knit caps. Beanies is a popular one! Or how about how Canadians, and some northern states, call them toques? Whatever you call them, knit caps have been around for a while and are as popular as ever!

There is some discussion among scientists as to when knit caps actually came into existence. Some say they’ve been popular since the 12th century. Others say that Vikings were wearing these warm hats when they were crossing the harsh waters of the Northern Atlantic! Whenever they came into being, knit caps have historically been used by fisherman, seamen, or hunters. People who made their living outside in the harsh environment!

Today, knit caps are often worn by skiers and snowboarders along with those who work outside. They’ve also become a popular accessory for some famous people. Micheal Nesmith of the Monkees is famously known for wearing a knit cap. Eric and Stan in South Park both are always sporting their beanies! Jayne Cobb in the sci-fi series Firefly wore a knit cap that his mom had made for him! The Edge from the Irish rock band U2 is always seen with a skull cap on! And for you hockey fans out there, do you remember Jonathan Bernier of the Toronto Maples Leafs who wore a knit cap over his helmet during the sixth annual National Hockey League Winter Classic on January 1, 2014?

Now that we’ve taken a look at the history of the knit cap, let’s look at what we can do with them! We can embroider anything you’d like on a knit cap! An initial, your number, your company logo! If you can imagine it, Mike can design it and we can do it! Just let us know what you need!

Stay warm friends!
Mike and Wendy
In Stitches Embroidery

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