A Mug By Any Other Name

Hello In Stitches Family! I don’t know about where you are but here in South Dakota, it’s been beautiful weather but still cold. There’s nothing we like better than a nice cup of warm coffee or tea in our favorite mug! What about you?

We were sitting here sipping our coffee one day and we thought, I wonder what kinds of mugs other people like? We like these ceramic dye sublimated mugs. They keep things nice and warm and we can put basically anything you want on them!

Wendy’s favorite mug is one that Mike designed for her of their son Wayne’s senior pictures. Our dogs Ranger and Biesen approve too!

Can I just show you a couple more of the ceramic mugs? Like this one that fits together like glue! One of the mugs is 11 oz and the other is 8 oz. so the question is, which one says I love you more?

This elephant of a mug is 20 oz which means it’s perfect for soup or that really cold morning when you need a little extra caffeine to get your day started!

If we’re going to be out and about, we always grab our metal tumblers. They keep the hot things hot and cold things cold (extra points if you remember what fast food chain used that slogan in the 80’s). We’re pretty split on whether we like straws or not. 

Or if you’re more of a water drinker, as we all should be, these cute tapered water bottles are just the thing!

One of our newest favorites is this metal camp mug. It’s pretty much indestructible, well, don’t run it over with your car or anything, and perfect for, well, camping.

BUT friends, there’s a new to us mug that we really want to try out. It’s a color changing mug. When the mug is cold, you see one picture, but when it gets hot, a whole other picture appears. Doesn’t that sound cool?

I guess the other type of mug would be a glass mug. They tend to be a little more breakable than we like so they aren’t high on our list.

So, what’s high on your list?

As always, if anything you’ve seen here has struck your fancy, let us know

Have a great week,
Mike and Wendy
In Stitches Embroidery

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