Answering the Age-Old Question – How do I Keep my Child from Losing their Backpack!

It’s that time of year again! Back to school! And the inevitable question, Where’s my backpack? Sound familiar? We can absolutely help you with that!

Here are a few examples of what we can do for you!

Backpack with Name Embroidered


Who wants to have the same backpack as their friends? Let us personalize your backpack! We can embroider your child’s name in a variety of colors and fonts!





Would you rather not have your child’s name on their backpack? No problem!

What about initials?






Or how about we find a picture that represents them and embroider that on their backpack? Does your child love puppies or wolves or elephants? Check out this album to see what pictures you can choose from!


We can embroider most places on the backpack! Look at this cute lizard on the strap!




Are you saying to yourself, My child already has their backpack but what they could really use is a bag for their gear! We can help you with that. We even have some in stock, pictured below! 

Gear Bag with Embroidery


What if your child is on a team where they all get the same bag? Why not have each bag embroidered with their name or number so they don’t get mixed up!



Let’s See, what else! Oh yes! 


Does your child have a food allergy and need to carry an epi-pen? We would be happy to help with that!





We have over 180 color choices on hand so you are sure to find the perfect one! Come check out our standard fonts and thread colors!

****Pro Tip: If you don’t live near us and would like us to make a patch for your bag, let us know!****

Want to hear the best part? There are two ways to order! We have both backpacks and gear bags in stock that we can embroider on OR we can embroider a bag you provide! The possibilities are endless!


Here’s what we have in stock today! Call, text, or email us for more information!

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