It’s Time for Banners

Hello In Stitches family! We are so excited that spring is definitely in the air, even here in Rapid City! Our embroidery machines are hard at work but we wanted to make sure that you knew about another thing we offer and that’s banners.


Why is spring a great time for banners? One word – sports. Whether you’re sponsoring your local little league team or you’re the coach of the high school team, banners are just what you need to show your support!

And because we’re here in Rapid City, we know the conditions that your banner will be used in (ie WIND) so we reinforce the grommets with tabs for strength. (Let’s be honest, this is great for all over the country!)


We also love to print you banners for your rodeo event. If you order now, you will get your banner in plenty of time for the next event.

And while we’re printing your banner, why not throw in a few yard signs?


Are you curious how we create these banners? Here’s a video! But, just in case you were wondering, this is sped up quite a bit!

Did you notice that last banner? It’s for a high school graduate! Graduate banners are so popular this time of year! We can definitely help you with that.

Do you have a shop? You can glue a banner onto a piece of plywood for a great sign over your shop – just please get permission from your landlord first!


Are you doing an indoor event and need a banner for your table? We have all sizes of material to print on. Don’t need grommets? No problem!


Let us take care of all of your banner needs! Just send us a quick message and we’ll be on our way!

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