Beanies on the Brain

Hello In Stitches family! 

Is it cooling down for you as well? We’ve already had our first frost here in South Dakota so winter is on the way! What better time to talk about how to keep your head warm?

So we’re talking beanies!

As we often do, we looked into some history about beanies. (What DID we do before the internet?) So let’s answer some questions that we had and maybe you have too. (Beanies)

Why are they called beanies?

Well, in the early 20th century, the slang term for your head was bean – some people’s heads are a bit more bean shaped than others. (In fact, in baseball, if a pitcher threw a pitch at a player’s head, it was called a bean ball.) And the name has stuck.

Who were the first people to wear beanies?

For over 100 years, beanies were worn by workers in the United States to protect their hair and scalp from dirt and grime. Coal miners and offshore fishermen were known for wearing beans. Now they’re an accessory that many wear just like jewelry.

What are the benefits of wearing beanies?

Though it does depend on the type and style you’re wearing, cotton or silky beanies can help with alopecia. Sometimes people wear them for sun protection. Balding, stick a beanie on and no one will know!

The Edge

I’m told that wearing a cotton beanie in the summer can help your head feel cooler, but I don’t quite believe that one. Anyone ever tried it?

So, how can we help you with beanies? Two ways. Embroidery and laser engraved patches. Let’s take a look at what we can do for you:

embroidered beanies

laser engraved patches on beanies

So, how are you going to keep your head warm this winter? Let us know!

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