Behind the Scenes: Embroidery Machines

Hello In Stitches Family! Have you ever just stopped and thought, what would someone else want to know about what I do? I mean, if you’re a fireman, I bet there are a lot of people who ask you what it is you really do. Maybe you’re a teacher and you explain what it is you do behind the scenes. What if you’re an embroidery and patch company, what would people want to know about what you do? So, in the coming weeks, we’re going to take you behind the scenes of what we do at In Stitches Embroidery!

Where to start…hmmm…why not with embroidery since that’s where it all began? 

We currently have 5 commercial embroidery machines. (This is just one of our machines!) That means that they are big and happy when they’re moving! It’s when we stop them that things go wrong! We average ONE MILLION STITCHES A MONTH! Isn’t that crazy? If you take the average sizeof one stitch, that’s 1.5 miles of stitches every month! But in October and November, which is our busiest time getting ready for Christmas, can you guess how many we average? I’ll give you a second.

TWO AND A HALF MILLION STITCHES!! We certainly are “in stitches” at that time of year! (Had to!)

**Pro Tip: If you would like to order your Christmas gifts BEFORE October or November, we wouldn’t complain!**

We’ve also named our machines. Don’t you name your inanimate objects? Well, we do. Their names are Toy 1, Toy 2, Hat Toy (bet you can’t guess what that one does), Genesis, and Deuce. We purchased all of these machines used because we believe in having zero debt in our business. The machines are made by Toyota and Melco and they are made to last! Our machines are run by computers. The computers let us know if the machine needs maintenance or it will even slow the stitch speed if there’s a problem with the tread or bobbin. 

Now to the fun part, what can we embroider on? The better question would be, what can’t we embroider on? Depending on the machine, we can do twelve to sixteen different colors so your embroidery designs can be colorful and amazing! 

Oh! That reminds me! Let’s take a second and talk about Mike. Mike has done a lot of training and he can digitize the design that you want to have embroidered. See, what normally happens is you would send an embroidery company your logo (for example) and they would send that file to another company that would get it ready for the embroidery machines to use. The pattern has to be made into something the machine can ‘read’. The code tells the machine where to go, how long to stitch and what colors to use.  When they send the file back, you get what you get. You can’t change the file at all to accommodate different fabrics. BUT, we have Mike. Mike can do all of that in house! What that means to you is we can make your design look amazing on any fabric! In the embroidery world, this is a big deal and we’re really proud of Mike working so hard to learn it!

Now back to what we can embroider. We can embroider Carhart jackets, foam gun cases, tennis shoes, soft-sided luggage, uniforms, hats, hat backs, polos, medium weight jackets, sweatshirts, wind shirts, t-shirts, Christmas stockings, towels, backpacks, and on and on and on! We have a ton of specialized hoops and systems so we can embroider just about anything! If you have something special you would like embroidered, just ask and we can probably figure something out!


There you have it! A behind the scenes look at our embroidery machines and what we can do! If you have something you’d like embroidered, let us know! We’re happy to help! Remember, our machines are happiest when they’re stitching so let’s keep them happy!

Have a great week!

Mike and Wendy 
In Stitches Embroidery

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