Behind the Scenes: Screen Printing Part 2

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You may be asking yourself, “What else could I possibly need to learn about screen printing that I don’t already know?” (Especially if you read last week’s blog!)  How about if I told you we could save you money with your screen printing orders? “What?!? How?” you may be asking. Let me tell you!

First, let’s back up just a little. Screen printing is awesome and makes amazing designs and it’s made for making A LOT of shirts. When ordering, we have a 24 shirt minimum for each order. If you need a bunch of shirts, this works out GREAT! But what if this is your company…

You need 50 t-shirts for your team! We work with you to choose the best design, placement, and t-shirt color! We screen print them up and you are totally satisfied with your purchase (as always!). Then next month, you hire another employee who needs some of these amazing shirts we designed together last month. So you order 5 more shirts. BUT there’s a 24 shirt minimum. What to do?

I have four words for you… SCREEN PRINT TRANSFER PROGRAM.  Last week, you learned how we screen print onto t-shirts and sweatshirts. To sum up, you make a screen for each color, ink it, and dry it. But, with Screen Print TRANSFER, we do the same thing but on release paper rather than a t-shirt. The same ink is used in both processes but we use a heat press to transfer the Screen Print Transfer image onto the t-shirt or sweatshirt. 


Remember CASE STUDY No 1? If you had ordered 50 t-shirts through our Screen Print Transfer Program and needed 5 more a month later, we could easily do that because we made extra transfers! Who doesn’t want to save money in their business?

Now, there is a point where Screen Printing is cheaper than Screen Print Transfer. But we can talk about that when it happens. I will tell you, it’s over 70 shirts in one order.

Now let’s talk some more about the SCREEN PRINT TRANSFER PROGRAM. We designed this program for our loyal customers to help them with smaller print jobs. 

You need 100 short-sleeved t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, or sweatshirts this year, but you don’t need them all at the same time. We will design the shirts, choose the placement, and screenprint 100 on the release paper. But then we’ll only print 50 shirts for the first order. How does this save you money? You’re paying ink charges for 100 shirts, rather than 50. You also save money when you need 5 more shirts for your new employee you hire next month because you won’t be dealing with the minimum Screen Printing order. Wow! Right?

Now, there are a few rules. Let’s go over them quickly:

  • The same ink and design must be used on the whole Screen Print Transfer order since we print them all at the same time. That same design can be used on short-sleeved t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, and sweatshirts  It’s all about mixing and matching.
  • You must order at least half of the total order at first. Meaning if you order 100 in total, you need to take home 50 in the first order.
  • While the ink will last years, our storage won’t. We ask that you only store the printed designs for a year.
  • What if you end up needing more than 100 shirts? No problem! We can print more transfers and hold them for you!

(This actually happened, but honestly the stars completely aligned so we can’t guarantee the same results, but it is a possibility!) We had a client in our Screen Print Transfer Program who needed 20 shirts in a hurry! (Here’s where the stars aligned) We happened to have t-shirts in all the sizes and colors he needed IN STOCK! He had the shirts by the end of the day! Not only was he happy, but we were happy to be able to help him!

Take a look at the process!

Give us a call, email or text if you want to enroll in our Screen Print Transfer Program! We are here to help you get an amazing product for your business and save money doing it! Win win!

Have a great week!
Mike and Wendy
In Stitches Embroidery

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