Blanket, Blanket, Snuggle

You know, kind of like duck, duck, goose?

Hello In Stitches family! I think we all might be a little cold over here at In Stitches because all we can think about is something to keep us warm! That happens when you live in a place that can get into the teens in the winter. So this week, let’s talk about blankets. They make the best gifts!


Do you have a favorite kind of blanket? Ashley, our blog writer, (hi!) loves a soft blanket. The softer the better.

Let’s see if we have any blankets you might like in stock. (Because remember, we are only 9 weeks from Christmas – sorry about that – and things are going to go out of stock.)

But first, can we brag on Wendy for a minute? She used to quilt and she made this lovely quilt for her son Wayne when he went to preschool. It was her way of showing him love and giving him a hug even when he was away from her. Isn’t it great? Next time you see Wendy, you should definitely pat her on the back for this one!


Are you a traveler? Do you know a traveler? Well if you answered yes to either of these, have we got the blanket for you! It’s a Packable Travel Blanket. This is Wendy’s pick for the best gift! AND it even has instructions on how to fold it back up. Wow!


If a fleece blanket is just a little too thin for you, then you’ll love these sweatshirt blankets! They are perfect to throw in your vehicle for when you need a blanket. And remember, we can personalize them which makes them even more special!


BUT if fleece blankets are just your thing, then we have fleece blankets for you! We can personalize all of these with just about anything you can think of! (Well, we can’t use a certain mouse or his friends, if you get my meaning. But just about anything!)

Right now we have tons of colors, but this is one of those things that is going to get harder and harder to find!


Do you sometimes think, Man, I wish it was easier to do things with my cozy blanket on. Wish granted! This VERY HEAVY Mountain Lodge Wearable Blanket is like wearing a hug wherever you go. 


If you’ve been wondering where to store your phone when you have a blanket on your lap, then this Flannel Sherpa Blanket is the answer. We’re not sure why there’s a “Port Pocket” but there is. All kidding aside, this blanket is the best of both worlds – warm and soft.


This last one gets the Ashley seal of approval! It even has the best name – the Cozy Blanket. It’s super affordable and soft but not heavy! The perfect snuggle-buddy!


Do you have someone you know who would love a hug from you? Let us know which blanket would have their seal of approval! Go here to order yours today!


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