We Love Gardening! Do you?

Hello In Stitches Family! We’ve talked about it before but around here, we love to garden. From greenhouses to green vegetables, we love to get our hands dirty and reap the benefits! What are the benefits of gardening, both in and out of the greenhouse, you ask? Well, when we garden in the greenhouse, we

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Memorial Day

Hello In Stitches Family! If you’re new here, you might not realize that we are a Military Family. Mike was in the Air Force for many, many years and we are proud of his service. Because of this, Memorial Day means a little bit more in our world. So, today, we wanted to take a

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Is it Hat Season Yet?

Hello In Stitches family!  I have one question for you – is it hat season yet? You may be thinking, “No way, I hate wearing hats” or you may be thinking, “Hat season is all year!” or somewhere in between. Well, even though it snowed in parts of the country this last weekend, it’s getting

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Shades of Green

Hello In Stitches Family!  Did you know that if you’re a military family, like us, AND a Disney fan, like our blog writer, you can stay at the Shades of Green Resort in Orlando, Florida? It is on the Walt Disney World property and a lot more affordable than the other resorts. That was the

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Need Team Gear?

Hello In Stitches Family, It is definitely spring time! And with that brings sneezing? No? So that’s just me then. Alright. With that brings spring sports, right? Whether you or your children play soccer, baseball, or even basketball, we can help you with your uniforms and fan gear. Curious how? Let me show you. We

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