New Product Alert!

Hello In Stitches family! We are so excited to tell you about a new t-shirt line we are starting to carry. And with that, we are getting ready to solve a problem that Wendy has had for many years!

curvy girl

I’m not sure if we’ve ever told you that Ashley, our blog writer, and Wendy are cousins. And being cousins, we have a few things in common:

  • Our take charge attitude
  • Our love of animals
  • Our love of flowers
  • Our naturally curly hair
  • Our vertically challenged, more rotund body type

Because of that last thing we have in common, finding comfortable t-shirts can be a problem! If they are big enough to feel comfortable, they are basically like wearing a dress.

That’s where LAT Apparel comes in!

They’re curvy line is designed for us more vertically challenged girls.

As they say on their website, 68% of women in America wear a size 14 or larger.

That’s why they provide more options for us, without sacrificing style OR comfort.

Take a look at what we are getting in stock!

curvy girls

And they come in some great colors as well.

curvy girl

So if you’ve ever thought, “Well, this looks like a mumu”, and not been happy about it, let us know! We have what you’ll love!

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