Have you Ever Thought about Donating?

Hello In Stitches Family! Have you ever noticed that there are a lot more people who want donations from your business than you can actually afford to donate to?

Here at In Stitches, we love to support other businesses and organizations around our town, but sometimes we have to make decisions about who we can donate to and what we can donate. 

In case you are wondering yourself, here is what we think about when we are choosing whether or not to say yes to a donation request:

  1. Is the cause or organization one that fits with our philosophy and business?
  2. What is their reputation?
  3. How will our donation be used?
  4. Can we afford the type of donation they are asking for at this moment?

If the answer to these questions is all yes, then we have some things to decide. Mainly, what are we going to donate?

Often we are asked to donate items for raffles and silent auctions, so we know what “sells” the best. 

Here are some great items to donate for a silent auction or raffle:

What to donate

Donating is near and dear to our hearts. We love to make an impact in our community, and support those who live near us and far away. Giving makes us feel good about what we do.

Do you donate? How do you choose who to donate to? Let us know!

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