Embroidery Terms Dictionary

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As with most jobs, there are terms that we use all the time that might be a little confusing to those outside of our business. So, today, let’s talk about a few of those terms and how they can help you with your orders!

And because a picture is worth a thousand words, this dictionary is a picture dictionary!

embroidered jacket

Left Chest Placement is the standard placement for decoration. This applies to both print and embroidery.

embroidered jacket

Sometimes there is a brand logo on the left side, so then we suggest using the Right Chest Placement in that case.

embroidered hat

In hats, the Left Panel Embroidery is becoming the standard placement for embroidery.

embroidered hat

But the Full Front Embroidery (aka Dad Cap) is still very popular!

embroidered vest

Whether on a vest or a jacket, this Lower Back Placement looks GREAT! We can do this placement with both print and embroidery.

embroidered jacket

Notice how this Right Back Shoulder placement makes it so we can put the logo on the back of this jacket with, shall we say, difficult seams.

embroidered hoodie

When Placing a Name on the front of a garment, the name goes on the right side and the logo is on the left.

embroidered jacket

Vertical Arm Placement can be done with embroidery or print. This example is embroidery.


With Sponsors on Team Jerseys, you can place their logos on top of or below the number, or both like in this case.

embroidered jacket

Fun fact: Full Back Embroidery usually takes us about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Here are a few more examples:

team sports



Fun Fact: American Flag placement is always with the stars forward.

If you’d like even more information on the terms we use, including what we can do with the placements, check out this amazing spreadsheet Wendy made! (It will ask you to make a copy so that you can have it on your own computer.)

Are there any other terms you’d like to know about? Let us know!

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