Embroidery vs Screenprinting: Which one is for you?

Hello In Stitches Family!

We get a lot of questions about which is better, Embroidery or Screenprinting. Well, the answer may not be one that you’re happy with because it’s…it depends.

So let’s put them head to head today and see which one comes out on top.

First up – Durability


This one HAS to go to Embroidery. Embroidery is highly durable and can handle repeated washes. In fact, often it’s the garment that gives out before the embroidery. It’s ideal for workwear, uniforms, or items that need to last a long time.

Next, let’s look at Vibrant Colors

This one goes to Screenprinting. With its ability to show off vibrant and opaque colors, it is ideal for making bold and eye-catching designs. It works well for graphics with solid blocks of color or intricate designs.

What about Cost-Effectiveness

Screenprinting goes into the lead with this one.Once you get into large quantity orders, screenprinting wins hands down for you. 

Next, let’s look at what to put on the smooth surfaces


When I say smooth surfaces, I mean t-shirts, hoodies, or performance wear. So on those smooth surfaces, screenprinting wins this one. However, if you have a textured shirt that you want adorned, embroidery may just make a better option.

Lastly, what about flexibility?


But, flexibility goes to embroidery. It’s suitable for light or dark garments. The fabric can be thick or textured like fleece, denim, or ball caps. Embroidery is the best all round for flexibility.

Who comes out on top? 

Well, if you’re a math whiz, you’ll already know that they are tied. That’s where we come in. Send us your design, your budget, that quantity you want and the desired look and feel of the final product and we’ll tell you what works best.

BUT, we want to know. In your own closet, which do you like best? Embroidery or Screenprinting?

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