Let Us Help you with this Pain Point

Hello In Stitches family!

Today, we want to help you with a pain point we see all of the time! Keeping track of employee’s sizes.

It may seem like a small thing, but if your company is one that needs uniforms, knowing what size everyone needs is really convenient when it comes time to order more shirts.

I cannot tell you how many times we have had to wait to get an order started as the manager tracked down their employees to find out their sizes. Or even worse, how many times managers have guessed and guessed wrong, then they have extra shirts sitting around until someone is hired who is that size.

I imagine it this way:

Interviewer: And my last question is, what size shirt do you wear?

Interviewee: Ummm…a medium?

Interviewer: Oh, good, I have tons of mediums!

Interviewee: So I get the job because of my shirt size?

Interviewer: Absolutely!

Maybe that’s not how it goes, but it could!

Anyway, back to how we can help. Let me tell you, Wendy is a spreadsheet master! In her previous life, she was an accountant so spreadsheets are her JAM! 

So, she made a spreadsheet for you to download to keep track of your employee’s sizes.

Download the spreadsheet here. 

And here’s where it gets really easy: you can share the spreadsheet with us so no need to fill anything else out for your order!

Now that that part is taken care of, let’s talk about some of the things our clients have ordered in the past so you can get your juices flowing on what you want to order!


safety gear

So, what do you need for your employees? We can help you with that.

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