Fabric Explained Part 1

Hello In Stitches family! This week we wanted to share with you a little bit about fabric. What we can do with your item depends a lot on what kind of fabric it is. So we thought it was pretty important! We know you love your custom t-shirts!

fabric types

Have you ever looked into the history of fabric? I hadn’t until today and it was kind of interesting. Let me give you the highlights.

They have found sewing needles that are 50,000 years old. As you can probably guess, the first clothing was made out of animals and plants.

And as new technologies were developed new types of fabric were worn. It’s kind of an interesting combination.

Those who study this sort of thing believe that the first non-animal skin fabric was felt.

And have you heard about the Silk Road which stretched from China to the Mediterranean?

Fast forward to the industrial revolution where textiles were manufactured in a warehouse much like they are today.

And here we are today with our all-time favorite … t-shirts! So let’s talk about those t-shirts. They’re made out of a lot of different kinds of fabrics and what they’re made of affects what we can do with them!

We put together this handy graphic to explain what we’re talking about.

fabric types

Thanks for learning a little bit more about fabric this week! Next week we’ll talk about the different weights of fabric. I know you can hardly wait! Let us know if you have something in mind!

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