Family Reunion Time? We can help you with that!

Hello In Stitches family!

With the weather getting warmer, it makes us think of summer and all the fun we had when we were kids. One of the highlights of summer was going to family reunions where we could play with all of our cousins and have some fun!

Does your family do a family reunion in the summer? If so, we have THE BEST idea for you, and it’s something we’ve talked about before – webstores. (Don’t remember webstores? You can go here, here, and here to learn more about them.)

One great thing you can do for a family reunion is to take a big family picture. Imagine if each individual family had their own color so you could see who belonged to who. Something a little like this:

family reunion picture

Fun, huh? But…not if you’re the one in charge. That’s before you knew about webstores though.

We can create a webstore with all the different sizes, colors, and styles of shirts, and each family can be in charge of ordering their own sizes. Then we make them, carefully mark which bundle goes to which family, and you have an easy way to show your family unity!

Take a look at a “webstore” here!


We can add whatever you’d like to the webstore. If someone is bringing their dog, maybe a kerchief for them in the color of their family? Do you know someone who loves a good hat? We can design that and put it in the webstore.

The best part? We don’t create anything until it is ordered so the sky is the limit!

Great, huh?

Here’s what some of those shirts look like close up:

family reunion t shirts

If you’d like to create a webstore for your family reunion, let us know! 

BUT, here’s something that could be fun too. Are you going on a big road trip this summer and want to find an interesting way to mark the occasion? We can design a logo of sorts and print hoodies, t shirts, or sweatshirts to commemorate your adventure? Kind of like this:


So, if you’d like an adventure sweatshirt, or we’ve just saved your family reunion with a webstore, let us know!

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