Let’s Go Fishing!

Hello In Stitches Family,

So, do you like fishing? Our blog writer Ashley’s son is a fishing FAN!


And his favorite fishing buddy is his Papa. So, we made this hat for him to commemorate their first fish – a big old catfish!

reel cool papa

He definitely is a “Reel” cool Papa!

So, let’s talk a little bit about fishing with some tips and tricks that will help you land the big one!

Tip #1 – Remember the sunscreen or UV clothing to keep you safe!

Being out on the water, or even near the water, can make it a lot easier to get sunburned, so remember your sunscreen or UV clothing, and a hat to protect your head.

UV Clothes

Tip #2 – The Early Bird gets the Fish!

The old wives tale about fish biting early or late is really true. It’s because of the light – it’s harder for them to see the line in low light. (Summer)

Tip #3 – Carry your gear the easy way!

There is nothing worse than needing something and not being able to find it when you’re out on the boat. This is why fishing vests are a must when it comes to fishing. Look at all those pockets! (Just like the hat, this is where we can help you – check out the personalization!)

fishing jacket

Tip #4 – Practice on Land

Casting is really an art, so whether you’re learning how to fish or you’re teaching your grandchild, practicing with a trainer lure is really helpful!


Tip #5 – Leave the devices at home, or at the very least in the car

One of the best parts of fishing is that you’re outside, in the clean air. Take that time to enjoy the silence or get to know your companions better. (Tips)


So, are you going to be doing some fishing this summer? What is your #1 tip?

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