We Love Gardening! Do you?

Hello In Stitches Family!

We’ve talked about it before but around here, we love to garden. From greenhouses to green vegetables, we love to get our hands dirty and reap the benefits!


What are the benefits of gardening, both in and out of the greenhouse, you ask?

Well, when we garden in the greenhouse, we are getting much needed exercise in the colder months. As you may know, we’re in Rapid City, South Dakota that often gets very low temperatures in the winter. But in our greenhouse, we’re toasty warm and able to get our seeds started much earlier so we can get them in the ground bigger so they have a better chance of growing.

Hat the Cat

Hat the Cat is a fan!

For the last several years, there has been a lot of research done on the benefits of microbes in the soil. Those microbes can boost our immune systems, and help with allergies and anxiety! (Dirt) So, go out and get your hands dirty. You don’t always have to wear gloves. Get some dirt under your nails!

home grown potatoes

When we harvest something we’ve grown, we get a flush of dopamine that helps stabilize our mood. Remember, when our ancestors found food, they’d be pretty happy! The same is true for us! (Dirt)

Gardening helps us be outside soaking up that Vitamin D that is so important for our bodies. Vitamin D has been shown to help lower the risk of quite a few different cancers and multiple sclerosis. (Heathline) Vitamin D also helps boost our mood.

plant shopping

Shopping with a friend can also boost your mood!

So, how can we help you lower your stress (Dig) and increase your Vitamin D intake? Let me tell you!

We have some funny gardening t-shirts that can help you show everyone that you are a gardener and love the smell of dirt!

gardening t shirts

We can also design a saying that you might love!

Here are some other ways we can help you in the garden:

  • Personalized gloves
  • Personalized gardening tools
  • Inspiration
  • Ask us questions

Those last two are a little bit silly, but take a look at our newest acquisition for our garden:

old truck

Pretty soon, it’s going to be covered in flowers!

And, while we don’t know everything, we do love talking about gardening, so if you have any questions, just let us know!

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