How Many Hats Do You Wear?

Hello In Stitches Family! Welcome back! This week, let’s talk about what hats you wear in your life?

As a business owner, or even anyone really, we wear a lot of different hats! Like our marketing hats, our bookkeeping hats, our sales hats. What about our mom or dad hats? Coach hats? Cook hats? That’s a lot of hats we wear! Let’s talk about a couple of things when it comes to hats.

First, how do you get everything done in a day with all the hats you have to wear? Do you have a system? Let us know what you do!

A quick internet search came up with a few ways to make your day go smoother:

  • Time Blocking – do one thing at a time, get it completed, then move on to the next
  • To Do Lists – so you don’t forget anything
  • Get Up Early – this is a tough one!
  • Do the Hardest Thing First – then it’s off the table (I also have this philosophy when I’m eating dinner!)
  • Exercise – why does it always have to be exercise? But they’re right
  • Shut Off Social Media – if you’re working, turn off notifications so you’re not distracted. (Except for emails from us of course!)

Ok, now that we’ve got our metaphorical hats figured out, let’s talk about phorical hats. Is that how you’d say it? Let’s talk about for real hats! 😉

Let’s say you need a baseball cap. And you want something embroidered on that hat. Where should you put it? Let’s talk about that!

There’s always the good old front facing placement like these:


Then there’s the side placement. This placement is becoming more and more popular and we can see why!


You can have something on the front and back of the hats as well. (And sometimes that means doing something a little funny!)

That mom one still cracks me up!


If you can’t decide where on the hat you want the placement, we can do all of the above!


Which is your favorite? We’d love to hear!


Do you need some hats to help your life go a bit smoother? Just let us know!

Have a great week!
Mike and Wendy
In Stitches Embroidery and Patch

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