Save Big on Hats!

Hello In Stitches Family!

Hats are a HUGE part of what we do here at In Stitches! Whether baseball or beanies, we always have a few in our line up. We’ve talked about beanies in this post, but today, let’s talk a little about the history of ball caps.

The year is 1849. The place is New York City. The baseball team is the Knickerbackers. The sun was shining down on their heads so they began to use a straw hat.

And so began what we know as baseball caps. (Baseball Caps)

So, how do you save big on hats with In Stitches? Here are a few ways.

Way #1

Because beanies come in a box of 12, if you order 12, or a multiple of 12, you save!


Way #2

Baseball Caps come in a case of 24, so if you order 24, or a multiple of 24, you save!

baseball caps

Way #3

New this year: Mix and match leatherette patches and embroidery for your hat order. Once you get to 24, you save! 

For example, you can order 12 leatherette patched hats and 12 embroidered hats to get to your 24 items to get the savings. Special conditions may apply if your embroidery design is very detailed.

leatherette patch

Way #4

If you need a baseball cap and a polo, order in February or March and save!

embroidered polo

Way # 5

If you’d like beanies and baseball caps, order a total of 24 and get the case price.

beanies and baseball caps

Way #6

If you don’t really care about the color of your hats, all on hand items get a special discount. Let’s talk and see what we can do for you!

embroidered hats

So, if you have an idea for a hat order, let us know and we’ll help you save your hard earned money!

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