Is it Hat Season Yet?

Hello In Stitches family! 

I have one question for you – is it hat season yet? You may be thinking, “No way, I hate wearing hats” or you may be thinking, “Hat season is all year!” or somewhere in between.

Well, even though it snowed in parts of the country this last weekend, it’s getting warmer and warmer in other parts, so now is the time to get your hat for summer.

But, why is it important to wear hats? Here are some ideas:

  • Hats are a great way to advertise! They – whoever ‘they’ are – say that it takes people 7 times of seeing your business name or product to purchase, so why not wear a bit of that marketing?
  • Hats are a great way to show what you like! Whether it’s a sports team or you want to let everyone know that your grandpa is a “Reel Cool Papa” for going fishing with you, a hat can tell everyone just what you think.
  • Hats are also great at keeping the harmful UV rays off your face, which can help your skin stay more youthful-looking and stave off skin cancer (7 Reasons)
  • Hats are the best at hiding a bad hair day!
  • If you live in the Pacific Northwest like our blog writer, Ashley, hats are also a great way to keep rain off your face.

So, how can we help you with hats? A lot!

First, if you don’t have a logo and want one, let us know. Mike is an amazing logo designer and he is ready to help!

Need some suggestions? We can help you with that. From placement to colors, we are the experts and ready to help!

If you have a logo and know what you want, here are some ideas of what your hat can look like. They are in basically 2 categories: embroidered and patch. 

Here are some examples of embroidered hats:

embroidered baseball hats

embroidered baseball hat

You’ll notice that hats come in different colors and styles. We also carry visors if that’s more your style. We can embroider on the front, side (which is increasingly popular), and back.

And the second group, the patches:

baseball hats with patches

These examples are leather patches that have been laser engraved. We can also attach embroidered patches onto your hat, bridging the gap between both.

So, tell us, are you a hat wearer or not? Let us know!

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