How Do We Do That: Hat Edition

Hello In Stitches Family!

This week, we are starting a new series on how we do that. And we had to start with hats because, well, they’re hats! They are popular. So we thought you might like to know how we do it.

Just one note about hats – they need to be embroidered. Can we use fashion film on them, yes, but do they stand up to the test of time, no! (Patches are ok too, but no fashion film!)

First, let’s talk about our most popular type of hat, the Richardson 112.

embroidered hats

We like the Richardson 112 because they are good looking caps and they hold up well with embroidering.

Want a quick peek into how we embroider on hats?

Now, I did speed up the process a bit, but isn’t the sound of the thread being cut wonderful?

As you can see, we can embroider on the front of the hat either in the middle or the side. Our customers are really starting to like the front side for embroidery or patches. Take a look:

hat embroidery

Another thing I want to point out about the video, did you catch the JD hat that was bright orange? That one definitely shows how we embroider in order to avoid puckering. It’s bottom to top and then center out. You don’t need to remember that because we’ve got you. BUT, if you are ever asked, now you know!

We also can embroider on the back of hats, mesh or solid. We base our design on the arch of the hat and each hat is different. That’s one of the little things that we look at so you don’t have to worry about it!

hat embroidery

I know that you’re questioning whether embroidery on mesh would look ok, so you decide…

hat embroidery

We certainly think it does.

I don’t know about you, but we love hats around here. What better way to show off your logo than a hat?

If you need us to design a hat (take a look at this one that Mike designed from the logo on up)

hat embroidery

Let us know!

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