Have tote bag, will travel

Are you a big fan of tote bags? I am. I have a ton of them and for good reason – I use them every day for so many things. They’re incredibly handy!

If you have a tote that you’re wondering how to use, or if you are thinking about getting someone a gift and you’re wondering if a tote is a good choice… here’s a list of the many ways that I use them every day to help get you thinking!

School or project bag

It’s time to stop wondering where all the little pieces of that project went! It’s all right where you left it – in that tote that you’ve assigned for just this purpose. This is the joy of having a dedicated bag!

For example: I attend Toastmasters and I need to keep all of those materials together. If I want to work on my next speech at home, I know where to find everything. And when it’s time to go to the meeting, I have my go-bag!


Many grocery stores have stopped offering either paper or plastic bags – or both! – at the checkout. I know one place where every bag cost ten cents! So, bringing your own bag isn’t just green-friendly; it’s economical!

But who wants to use just any old bag? I enjoy the tote that has an outside pocket, because that’s where I put my grocery list as I head out the door. There are four other tote bags that quite literally live in my car so that if I’m out and about, I can just stop by the grocery store and there they are.

Travel or Work Bag

If you like to use a tote bag for travel or for work, you’ve probably noticed that zippers are essential.

They keep things contained, which is helpful if your bag is going to get tossed around or be on its side. Bonus: It’s harder for someone to get their hands in there!

When I’m looking for a travel or work tote, I like a big bag that has compartments. It’s going to be carrying my lunch, my wallet, and other things I want to be able to find quickly. Laptop sleeves are handy for carrying computers and laptops and keeping them protected.

Gift Bag

Step up your gift giving mojo! It’s easier and less wasteful to give a gift in a reusable tote bag than it is to put everything in a box and then cover it with wrapping paper. (Did you know that most wrapping paper is unrecyclable?)

I like to give gifts in totes because the packaging becomes part of the gift. I customize it by embroidering their name on it, and they love it!


So, here’s a quick look inside my business: I sometimes use tote bags to deliver samples of products to our customers. It gives the delivery a professional look while demonstrating how a branded tote might look to someone who is considering it.

I let them keep the tote, which reminds them of me. And if they use the tote to do their grocery shopping or as a work bag to carry things back and forth, they are advertising my brand wherever they go!

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