Are you a Horsey Girl too?

Hello In Stitches Family!

Are you a Horsey Girl (or Guy) too? If so, we can definitely be best friends! Our lawn mowers are outside right now enjoying this spring weather! (Just kidding! It’s freezing here so they look like big old hairy bears!)

But for those of you who aren’t horsey (we love you too!), before I show you our newest funny t-shirts, I want to explain horse colors to you.

What? You ask? I know what color is what.

Well, to that, I say, what color are these horses?


If you said Bay, then you are my best friend!

You see, all these horses are technically the same color. They have brown bodies (of varying color) and black mane and tail.

Here’s a little guide for horse colors:

horse colors

Ok, now you are ready to get a kick out of funny horse t-shirts!

Horse T-shirts


Want to see some more of our funny t-shirts? Take a look at our Instagram this week or go to this blog post for the plant shirts!

Let us know if you need a funny horse t-shirt to add to your collection!

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