How to Help Your Child (and You) Wear a Mask!

Hello In Stitches family! As you’ve seen, it looks like masks are here to stay, at least for the time being. Whether your child is going back to school full time, part-time, or not at all, masks are going to be a part of their day. You’re not alone in asking the question, “How do I help them wear their mask, and more importantly, keep them on?” I’ve done the research for you! Here are the top 10 tips to help your child wear their mask! (And maybe you too!)

**Please note: It is not recommended that children under two wear masks. Other children are not able to wear masks for medical reasons. This is not medical advice. We are not doctors nor scientists. Please go to your child’s doctor for any medical questions.**

Tip #1 – Explain the science to them

You don’t have to have a degree in microbiology to teach your child about germs. There are a lot of age-appropriate books and videos out there, but the basics are this: Germs make you sick. We want to keep our germs to ourselves. We do that by washing our hands and wearing a mask when we’re around others. Make it fun and your kids will think it’s fun too!

Tip #2 – Be a good mask-wearing example

Let’s be honest here, no one likes to wear a mask. But if your child is going to be required to wear one at daycare or school, or even the store, they’re going to look to you as an example of how they should feel. Show them it’s not scary, they’re designed to protect us. Wear your mask in places where it’s required. Show them it’s ok!

**Bonus Tip: Play a game with your child. Put on your mask and see if they can tell if you’re smiling or frowning. Get your whole body into it! The giggles will follow!**

Tip #3 – Superheroes wear masks

Need we say more?

Tip #4 – Incorporate it into play

Does your young child have a favorite stuffed animal? Make them a little mask to wear. Does your older child enjoy video games? Have them wear a mask to play their favorite game! Maybe it’s time to have a tea party where everyone wears a mask! The possibilities are endless!

Tip #5 – Practice, practice, practice

If they can only wear a mask for 1 minute the first time, that’s ok. Tomorrow maybe they can do 2 minutes. And so on and so on. Get them used to their mask when they’re home, in a comfortable place. It’s like they say, practice makes things better!

Tip #6 – Troubleshoot

If your child HATES their mask, ask them why. Maybe it hurts their ears. There are these awesome things called ear savers that make it so the mask doesn’t pull on their ears.

Maybe it feels like they can’t breathe. Practice different breathing techniques with them.

Tip #7 – Have a “show off your mask” playdate

Get together with all your favorite people over Zoom or FaceTime and show each other what your masks look like. You could make a game of it! Whose mask is the funniest? Whose is the brightest? You get the idea!

Tip #8 – Keep trying

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. It’s going to take practice. A few months ago, most of us hadn’t ever even worn a mask! And it’s hard to get used to! Imagine how confusing this whole thing is to our children! Unfortunately, it’s the reality of the situation, so keep trying! You can do it! And so can your child!

Tip #9 – Get matching masks

Whether your child wants to match you, or their friends, matching masks are a great way to make mask-wearing fun!

**Pro Tip: We can help you with that!**

Tip #10 – Find a cute mask that your child loves!

Does your child have a favorite stuffed animal? How fun would it be to get the stuffed animal’s face on a mask? Does your child love animals? Why not make a mask with a wolf face? The possibilities are endless! With our moisture-wicking dye-sublimation printed masks, if you can dream it, we can do it! 

What is dye-sublimation? We take a digital image that comes from you or from our vast image library, print it on special paper with special dye ink, do our magic and you have your image embedded in the material. The colors are vivid, the material is completely washable, and the image is permanent! We carry adult and child sizes too!

Take a look at a few of our favorite designs.

Hopefully, some of these tips can help you and your children get used to wearing masks! And hopefully soon, they won’t have to! Stay healthy and safe my friends!

Mike and Wendy
In Stitches Embroidery

**If you’d like more information about our moisture-wicking dye-sublimation masks, both the printed and solid colors, or any of our other masks, give us a call!**


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