How to Keep Your Cool

Hello In Stitches family! We are officially 1 month away from the first day of summer so things are going to start heating up! (Or depending on where you live, they might already be!) Let’s talk about some ways to keep you cool even when it’s hot outside! Your Rapid City Embroidery and more company has the list for you!

Keep Cool

Are you like me and love lists? We sure hope so because today we’re going to share with you a list of great ways to keep you cool even when it’s hot outside!

Number 1:

Stay hydrated! This is so important whether you’re working outside or just relaxing, drinking water will help you feel cooler! 

Keeping Cool

Number 2:

Speaking of hydration, keep what you’re drinking cool with koozies! Did you know we can screen print or dye sublimate on koozies?

Keep Cool

Number 3:

Speaking of keeping things cool in the summer, you definitely need a great cooler! Both of these are soft sided which is so nice to store and still keeps what you want cool!

Mike always takes the one on the left to the R/C field when he goes to fly his plane. It’s so great to keep things cool and stay hydrated!

Keep Cool

Number 4:

Fill up a kiddie pool and stick your feet in there! Whether you have little ones or not!

Keep Cool

Number 5:

Cotton is cooler than other types of fabric so if you want to stay cool, wear a light colored cotton shirt! And can we talk about that gorgeous Rapid City sunset? We love it here!

Keep Cool

Number 6:

Wendy’s grandma lived in a house without air conditioning for a long time! The way she survived the really hot months was to open every window and door early in the morning and let the cool air in, then as soon as it started getting hot outside, she’d shut everything up, close the windows and keep the cool air inside. She carries a lot of wisdom in that tiny body of hers!

Keep Cool

Number 7:

One of the greatest inventions lately to help keep your house cool (or warm in the winter) is thermal curtains! They have a special fabric on the side you don’t see that keeps out the hot! 

Number 8:

Wendy LOVES these UV shirts. They’re more of a mesh so they keep you cool but they keep out the sun! Because the smell of sunscreen is not a thing that Wendy likes at all so she was so excited to find this kind of shirt!

Keep Cool

Number 9: 

Do all your outside work as early as possible when it’s cooler outside. One time, our blog writer Ashley (Hi!) was in Arizona and met a man who owned a construction company there and she asked him how they survived working outside in 120° weather and he said that they work at night. She hadn’t thought about that before!

Number 10: 

Put a hat on! Whether it’s a ball cap or a sun hat, keeping the sun off your face and neck is a wonderful way to feel cooler!

Keep Cool

Number 11:

Carry around a spray bottle and spritz your face! You can also spritz your sheets before bed to help you feel cool! (Bonus points if you surprise some with a well aimed spritz!)

Number 12:

And finally, take a bandana, roll up some ice cubes in it diagonally, and tie it around your neck. This will definitely keep you cool!

Do you have any other tricks to stay cool on a hot day? We’d love to hear about it!

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