I Love Hats!

Hello In Stitches family! This week we thought we’d ask our blog writer Ashley (Hi!) why she likes hats so much! Your Rapid City embroidery company would love to hear why you love hats too!


Hello there! I’m Ashley. I write the blogs and emails you see every week. And I have a confession. I LOVE HATS! Let me explain why.

Hats can show support for your favorite team!

I live in the Pacific Northwest so I have to have a Mariner’s hat. (and you know I’m getting a Kraken one when hockey finally comes to town!!)


Hats can show who you work for!

I love to see logos on hats. Logos tell a great story of who your company is and what is important to you!

Since I’ve been working with In Stitches, I’ve learned a few things about embroidery. Did you know that they CAN embroider on the mesh backed hats? I had no idea. The most popular things we see that people want on the back are city and state or phone number.

I’ve also been around long enough to see that the most popular placement for logos on caps is the bottom left, like this picture. Kind of fun to see trends!


Hats can be a great place for a little friend to land!

I recently went to a butterfly museum with my family and had this little hitchhiker on my hat for quite a while!


Hats can show where you’ve been!

I love to travel and often get a hat to remember where I’ve been! I got this hat in Vernal, Utah and wore it to Ocean Shore, Washington. 


Hats keep the sun off your face!

I am not a huge fan of the sun. That’s one of the reasons I live in the Pacific NW. But when I do go out in the sun, I especially hate it when it’s on my face! Hence the fact that you often see me with a hat on when I’m outside.


They make amazing gifts!

My son loves his Grandpa (aka Papa) and he loves to fish! So to celebrate the first fish he caught with his Papa, we had this hat made by In Stitches of course! It turned out so cute and Papa wears it all the time!


And finally, they can keep the rain (or snow) out of your face!

I feel like I may have a problem with things on my face, but I love to wear a hat to keep that pesky rain away from my face and glasses! (The walrus statue was being COVID aware too!)


So that’s why I love hats. We’d love to hear why you love them! Do you hate having sun in your eyes too? Let us know!

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