It’s All Fun and Games!

Hello In Stitches family! Two great things are happening in our world! First, the weather is finally starting to look like spring and second, we got some work done in our backyard to define where the plants go and where the grass goes. Hooray!

Do you know what it means if we feel spring here in Rapid City? Summer weather has hit most of you! (Unless you live in Rapid City, or the Pacific Northwest like our blog writer.)

So looking out on our newly laid edging made me start to think…


This spot is begging for some more plants ready to be planted AND outdoor games.

Do you like to play outdoor games?

If so, we have some fun ones for you.

Are you a cornhole officinato? We can embroider your very own set of bags for your game. We even put corn in them!

Mike is sure to measure out the corn evenly, but if you happened to bring over a new RC airplane for him, he may be willing to make your set a little lighter! (Or heavier. I’m not a cornhole officinato so I’m not sure which one would be better.)

We can embroider whatever you want on your cornhole bags!

We also have some things that can be laser engraved.

Like this dice set…

dice set

Or this poker set…

poker set

Just imagine sitting in the backyard, with the sun going down, enjoying some time together!

Do you have another kind of game that you’d like to make yours, let us know! We can probably help you with that.

But first, what’s your favorite outdoor game? Anyone up for pickleball?

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