How Do We Do That: Jacket Back Embroidery

Hello In Stitches Family! I know that you’re not going to like to hear this, BUT we are a little less than halfway to Christmas. 

I’ll let you have a moment.

In fact, we’re starting to work on some Christmas gifts now! One of the most popular Christmas gifts we get request for this time of year is Jacket Backs Embroidery.

Jacket Back Embroidery is just like what it sounds like – when we embroider on the back of a jacket.

In fact, Wendy recorded a thick Carthart jacket getting a full logo on the back. Take a look. (And don’t miss the end with a few more examples of Jacket Back Embroidery.)


Pretty cool, huh? 

Fun fact: On average, it takes about 1-½ hours to embroider a jacket back. (This is why we’re talking about Christmas gifts now, instead of in a few months.)

Let us know if you have a jacket back embroidery design in mind. And remember, if you just have an idea, we can make that design a reality.

Just let us know!

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