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Hello In Stitches Family! 

We are always looking for something new to bring to you, our customers. So, let us introduce you to our new Laser Engraved Water Bottles!

laser engraved water bottles

Water bottles are so important to keep us all hydrated, because I don’t know about you but if I have to get up from my desk to get a drink of water, I will do “one more thing” until I turn into a desiccated husk!

So, we are now offering Polar Camel Water Bottles. They are double wall insulated to keep your hot things hot and your cold things cold! (Am I dating myself to talk about the McDLT?) They come in 18 vibrant powder coated colors that customize beautifully and make great incentive and personalized gifts!

laser engraved water bottle

Just a couple of things about these water bottles. They are not recommended for the dishwasher. You can put lemon in them (the stainless steel can withstand most acidic substances). And they are NOT microwave safe.

We are also offering bottle boots! Have you heard of these? They are a silicone sleeve that protects your water bottle from damage and keeps it looking as good as new. And, we can personalize those as well to add a little extra to your water bottle. Take a look!

bottle boot

Just a note – these also make great fundraisers! Take a look at this PDF for pricing and suggested sales price! (You will have to make a copy of the doc before you can view it. That way it keeps the original from getting changed!)

Here’s the fine print: To qualify for case pricing, all items must be the same color and size, except for the sample color bundle in the 20 oz and 32 oz water bottles. 

I’m thinking this is going to be a great Christmas gift! What do you think? (Or do you not start thinking about Christmas until after Halloween?)

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