What to do in the Deep Freeze

Hello In Stitches family!

How are you fairing during this deep freeze? Here in South Dakota, we’re, well, cold.


WIth most of the country in a cold snap, it got us thinking about how to help you, our customers, keep warm. And what we thought of was LAYERS! 

Here are a few of our suggestions to keep cold when the weather is anything but!

Suggestion #1 – Cuffed Beanies

cuffed beanies

The cuffed beanies fit most head sizes and can cover your ears. Did you know that you lose 10% of your heat through your head? (Cleveland)

Suggestion #2 – Coffee (or other warm beverage) Tumbler


It’s always nice to keep your warm things warm throughout the day. Just in case you’re a sipper!

You also don’t want to forget to stay hydrated during these cold times as well! The cold makes everything drier!

water bottle

Suggestion #3 – Lined Gloves

lined gloves

Need we say more?

Suggestion #4 – Extreme Cold Canvas Caps

canvas caps

Have you heard of these? They are canvas caps that have a flap of fabric in the back that cover your ears and back of your neck. Perfect for those sunny, cold days!

Suggestion #5 – Vests


Vests are a great way to stay warm in these frigid temperatures. Use it as a base layer and you will stay toasty warm!

Suggestion #6 – Shell Jacket

shell jacket

This jacket is our #1 best seller and for good reason! Shell jackets are a great outer layer to keep you warm!

Suggestion #7 – Heavyweight Hoodies


Heavyweight hoodies are a staple amongst our clients. They’ll keep you warm if you have to take off an outer layer, but they also work well as a base layer.

Suggestion #8 – A Furry Friend

love my dog

This is our favorite way to keep warm when it’s cold – cozying up with our favorite furry friends!

Remember, the best way to keep warm when the temperature drops is to layer up! 

What do you think of our layering suggestions? Anything you’d like to try? Let us know!

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