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Hello In Stitches Family!

Are you the type of person who makes choices easily? Or are you the type that has to look at every single choice and then you’ll feel good making a decision? Or somewhere in the middle?

Well, we want to help our fellow business people feel comfortable choosing the kind of shirts your team needs. We understand that it can be intimidating at first.

We’ve got you!

So, first, you need to look at the purpose of your shirt. Do you have servers who would need stain resistant shirts? Do you need snag resistant shirts? Do you want your people to have to iron their shirts everyday?

Once you’ve figured out the purpose of the shirt, then we need to explain a few key terms.

Woven Material is material where the strands of yarn are woven in a cross pattern. An example of woven material shirts is a dress shirt like this.

woven material

Knit Material is made up of loops. Knit is stretchier than woven material normally is, but isn’t as crisp looking. An example of a knit shirt is this polo.

knit material

Easy Care shirts refer to those that don’t need ironing. Easy care shirts are treated with a wrinkle-resistant finish that makes it so they look good when they come out of the dryer. (Provided they don’t sit in the dryer for a week. No one else does that, ok, back to the terms) Easy Care shirts make it easy to look your best when going on a sales call or representing your company at a meeting.

Stain Resistant shirts are just that, stain resistant. They are perfect for servers who might get things spilled on their shirt at work. The fabric resists the stain so that when washed, it will look good as new!

Snag Resistant is what it seems like it would be. These polo shirts won’t get pulls on them when you brush up against something. These kinds of shirts would be great for people like foremen who need to look good while also having the ability to get in there and get things done.

There are also a whole lot more things that you can find in polo shirts, like moisture wicking and UV protection. Take a look at this graphic for some other ideas of what you might want in a polo shirt.

So, now you know the purpose of the shirts you’re ordering, plus a few key terms that you need to know. The last thing is, how to get the right sizes for each of your team. 

That’s where webstores come in! (Don’t know what a webstore is? Take a look at this video Wendy made for us explaining webstores.)

Webstores are great for a couple of reasons.

  1. You don’t have to order and keep on hand a bunch of shirts (unless you want to)
  2. You don’t have to guess or ask every employee what size they wear

You share the link, the employee orders what they need and we make it. It’s as easy as that.

So, did we make it easy to choose what kind of shirt you need for your group? Let us know!

If you’re ready to order, let us know

Happy Holidays!

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