Ladies! What Do We REALLY Want for Mother’s Day?

Hello In Stitches family! April is flying by and with that, we are getting close to Mother’s Day. So we asked some moms and here is what we REALLY want for Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day

At In Stitches, we have quite a few moms who work here so we got talking about what we want for Mother’s Day. After quite a bit of giggling, we came up with this list of things we want for Mother’s Day. And we are sharing this with you to help you this Mother’s Day!

We put things in two categories – experiences and things.

Let’s go with EXPERIENCES first. We want:

  • To not make food for anyone every 20 minutes
  • To sleep in 
  • To have everyone in the house be nice to us the whole day (no whining or yelling!)
  • To get that honey do list worked on (completed would be amazing!)
  • A day at home completely alone!
  • A text or call to say “I love you”
  • A weekend alone at a hotel or Airbnb
  • To not be an afterthought for the day
  • To not have to plan anything!
  • To not have to remind anyone that it’s Mother’s Day!
  • To be able to say what we want to do and have someone else plan it!

And now for THINGS we really want:

  • Someone to do the dishes!!
  • Someone to clean the house
  • Do the laundry! Including folding and putting away!
  • A t-shirt

We can help you with this!! Check out the shirts that our In Stitches mom (Wendy) designed for you!

Mother's Day

  • A professional organizer to come in
  • Plants (not cut flowers though cut flowers are awesome too!)
  • A random book that the children choose
  • Jewelry with something that reminds us of our children
  • Bird feeder
  • Someone to clean out our cars

So, has this list made your Mother’s Day shopping a little bit easier? If you’re still not sure, let us know and we can suggest some more ideas for you!

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