Let’s Patch It Up!

Hello In Stitches family! How is your holiday preparation going? We hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday!

Today, we’re going back to where it all began. Patches! 

We started our company because Mike was in the Air Force and we saw what the patches looked like that he received and we knew that our armed forces deserved better.

The Union Army started using patches during the Civil War to easily tell what division a soldier was a part of (Patches). And patches are becoming even more popular today! In fact, this fall, our most popular request is patches on hats, especially the leatherette patches.

We have all sorts of equipment for patches – our name is In Stitches Embroidery and Patch after all – so let’s look at how we can create patches for you.

laser engraved patches

As I said, this is by far our most popular type of patch right now!

embroidered patches

We can also create adhesive patches that you can apply yourself, or velcro backed ones for all of these different types of patches.

dye sublimated patch

So, what do you think? Would you like to order some patches in the new year? Let us know!

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