Let’s Go Through the Proofing Process

Hello In Stitches Family!

What’s the Proofing Process you ask? Well, it’s basically how your order would go from start to finish. We’re going to look at a couple of different items and processes today and see how your experience will go when you place an order with us.

The first step will be talking with you about what it is you want. Do you need us to design the graphic or do you already have a graphic in mind.


Here’s Mike fine tuning a client’s art work to get it ready for production.

The second step is to talk about what kind of items you’re looking for. In just a minute, we’ll go through the process with a blanket, hat, shirts, and a laser patch. What are you looking for?

Sometimes the item being personalized will affect the design. Take hats for instance. There is only 2-1/4” to work with, so sometimes the graphic will need to be modified.

The third step is for us to decide on the item’s colors. We can send you pictures all along the way to get an idea of what they will look like. For instance, a client wanted to see which color combination looked the best for this hat. What do you think? A or B?


The fourth step is for us to send you a mock up or proof for you to ok. This could be a picture (like the ones above) or a mock up like these below.


Once we’re both happy with the design, step five is to put it into production.

Pretty exciting stuff, isn’t it?

Let’s take a look at a couple of different types of things that we have produced.

fuzzy blanket

On the left is the proof that we sent our client from our stock designs. We can change up the colors to match what you want. This is also the time for us to make sure that everything will work on the item you have selected. As you can see in the final picture on the right, the blanket was fuzzy so we had to take that into account and not use thin lines.

Remember, embroidery is a 3D medium. You don’t have to know much else but that, because we’ll take care of the rest!

Here’s an example of the process with a laser engraved leather patch.

laser engraved

We sent our client the proof on the left. Noticed how the graphic is just a little bit different in each picture. You can see which one they chose on the right. Isn’t that a great color of leather?

Hats are one of our best sellers! We can help you decide on the style and color, along with the embroidery colors in the first example or the placement of the patch in the second example.

embroidered hat

You remember this one from above? We helped our client pick out the hat color but then they wanted to see what each color would look like. Have you decided on the color you like best?

Or we can design patches for your hat. This customer wanted to see what the patch looked like in both places.


Which placement do you like? The side placement is getting more and more popular but the center is tried and true!

They decided to go with…


The center placement. It looks awesome, right?

Ok, our last example is t-shirts. We chose a color:


This color is called indigo.

Then we talked about the color of the screen printing ink. We can do more than just black or white.

Remember the proofs from above?


Then the final product with the natural colored ink?

They turned out amazing, if we do say so ourselves.

So, now you know the process we’ll go through. Want to start the process with us? Let us know!

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