What President Started a Revolution?

Hello In Stitches family! By now you probably know how much we love history around here. So today I have a question for you. What president started a revolution?


And I have a hint for you. It’s probably not who you’re thinking of.

If you go to the British Museum, you will be able to see a doll that dates back to the first century. This doll is from Egypt and is the oldest ragdoll that has been found.

The rag doll has become very popular among all children since then. And with the advent of colorful fabric, the production of ragdolls increased! 

Children like them because they can take care of them and they are fun to play with. Parents like them because it teaches the children nurturing skills and how to sew and create as they are making clothes for them and fixing them when they are ripped.

Then in the 1800s, pretty much at the same time, Germany and America invented the stuffed animal. In Germany a woman by the name of Margarete Steiff created a stuffed elephant pincushion. And here in America Morris Michtom made a stuffed bear that he called a teddy bear.

Have you ever wondered where the term teddy bear comes from?

President Theodore Roosevelt was an avid bear hunter but refused to kill a bear that was tied to a tree on a hunt in Mississippi. When the cartoonists found out about this they drew him refusing to shoot a little baby bear so Morris Michtom thought it apropos to call the stuffed bear a teddy bear.

He sent one to the president and the president okayed the use of the name.

So now you know which president started a revolution. Because I bet everyone has at least one stuffed animal in their house. If not more than one. And one of those is always a teddy bear!

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