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Hello In Stitches family! Now that we’re well on our way to summer (though we did see some talk of snow in Idaho this week, crazy!) it’s time for … ROAD WORK.


Have you ever noticed how many roads get worked on in the summer? It makes sense but it sure does make those summer road trips difficult.

Are you going on a summer road trip this year? We’d love to hear where you’re headed!

Anyway, back to road work. 

Because we do what we do, we tend to notice what workers are wearing when we pass them. Does this look familiar?

safety vest

Because we tend to be a little curious here at In Stitches, we looked up some facts about safety gear, what kind you need, and why the bright colors. (And may we say, you can find ANYTHING on the internet.)

I won’t bore you with all of the reading we did, but I will hit the important parts.

  • Orange Vests/Clothing should be worn in the daylight because they contrast the best with that background.
  • Yellow Vests/Clothing should be worn at night for the same reason, contrast. (They used the term ‘conspicuity’ but I think only 2 people in the world have ever heard that word so I’m going to be using ‘contrast’ which means the same thing.)
  • OSHA has two safety vest classifications. Class 2 Safety Vests are required for workers who are near traffic that is going 25-50 mph, near heavy machinery, or working in low visibility.
  • Class 3 Safety Vests are required for workers near traffic that exceeds 50 mph and in very dark or “no visibility” conditions.

So, why are we telling you all of this? Because we want you and your workers to be safe so we specialize in branding your safety items. (Even the mesh ones!)

Let me show you:

safety vest

We can add branding or a saying to the back of the safety vest.

safety gear

This ANSI Class 2 parka will be great in that late spring cold weather.

safety gear

This ANSI Class 2 Short Sleeve will be great to wear under a jacket or fleece for those cooler mornings, according to Wayne.

safety gear

This ANSI Class 2 Fleece Jacket is perfect for layering!

safety gear

The high vis cap is a perfect way to be seen and keep the sun out of your eyes. (We can brand that as well!)

safety gear

This is the difference between the ANSI Class 2 and Class 3 shirts. Notice how the Class 3 is more visible because of the dangerous conditions those who are required to wear them are in.

So, if you need some safety gear for you or your team, let us know. We’re happy to help you show off your logo on any of these products. Send us a message and let’s talk!


What do Safety Vest Colors Mean?

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