It’s Time to Talk about Safety

Hello In Stitches family!

As the weather warms up, the inevitable must happen – road work. Is that part of your summer where you are? It sure is here. The winters are hard on the roads so we see a lot of people in yellow vests around here.

So, it got us thinking about you, our customers. What kind of safety gear do you need for your crew? After all, workplace injuries cost $59.61 billion annually in the US (Workplace).

We don’t want you to be a part of that number so here are a few old and new items in our arsenal for you to keep your team safe!

First, let’s talk about this hard hat with neck protection. The sun gets hot and if you’re anything like Wendy, sunscreen isn’t always your favorite thing so this would be perfect!

hard hat with nape protection

While we’re talking about the sun, take a look at this safari hat with a reflector on it.

full brim safari booney

These mesh vests are great for when the temperature climbs!

reflective vest

A reflective t-shirt is a good way to know that your team will be safe!

reflective t-shirt

And for those early mornings, here’s a great way to stay safe!

reflective jacket

We can personalize all of these items to keep your name in everyone’s mind.

personalized safety gear

So if you need some safety gear, let us know!

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