Senior Graduate Gift Ideas

When it comes to gift-giving, why does it always seem to be so HARD! We love giving a gift that is unique and special that will stand out from the rest of the others. Is this you? If so this is a must for you to read. We have made a list of gifts that are unique and lets the receiver know you picked it out specifically for them

We want to make this easy for you. Who has time to sit on the internet to try and find personalized gifts? We surely don’t. This is the season when we have high school seniors and college seniors about to graduate. Here’s a list of items that would be a perfect gift for them. All of these can be monogrammed or personalized in whatever way you need. 

– Towels 





-Photo rock 

 When you have the opportunity to give a gift to someone that has achieved something big in their life it’s great to have that gift reflect it. We’ve received many gifts over the years and we absolutely love the ones that we can look back at and reminisce on that certain time in our life. For our wedding, we received a monogrammed towel set. Every time we use those towels we think of that person who made it for us. Do you have a gift that helps you remember that special time in your life?

Of course, you can always go a different route and give out gift cards for eating out or even the favorite store that they shop at. Did you know you can actually get a gift card for Netflix? or even Hulu? Gift cards are great, there are also ones that have multiple locations that you can use them at. Then you don’t have to guess what place they preferred to eat.

For high school graduates, most are going off to college and need things to help on that journey, such as stuff for their dorm. Which can include laundry baskets, new bedding, and some electronics. Having a laptop or computer is another big thing to have to help with school work. There is always the option of going in with others on this gift for them. 

For college graduates, they mostly will have all those household items from all the other years of being in college, but you can buy items for their new job. Some graduates already have a job lined up with their new degree. If they have an office you could get them some decorations for it, or stuff to put on their desk.

Another big question is how much should you spend on a graduation gift? Here is a list to help!

-Siblings spending between $15-$30.

-Grandparents/Aunt and Uncle spend between $20-$50.

-Distant relatives/Friends spend between $15-$40

We hope this list helped you with this gift-giving time. Remember when giving a gift its the thought that counts. Most people will just be happy that you thought of them and actually got them a gift. For this busy season, we want to be able to help you with your gift-giving. You can’t go wrong with anything personalized. When we receive something personalized we just love it because we know that it was made for us specifically. 


If you have any questions just send us an email, call, or text us and we’ll be more than happy to help you get that made. 

Mike and Wendy
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