5 MORE Spring Cleaning Tips + T shirts!

spring cleaning

Hello again In Stitches family! We got so much love about our spring cleaning tips last week that we thought we’d share with you 5 MORE spring cleaning tips today. Plus, we have a T Shirt Cleaning sale we’d love to share with you!

But first, the last 5 spring cleaning tips:

Tip #6:

Organize your pantry by zone.

Tip #7:

Deep clean your towels or, if it’s in the budget, get some new ones!

Tip #8:

Dust your blinds. We know you don’t want to but it has to be done!

Tip #9:

Take this time to de-clog your air vents by your dryer. We’ve heard too many stories about fires starting in there!

Tip #10:

Use this link to learn how to clean your iron! I know, we didn’t know either!

So, what was your favorite tip? Let us know!


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