Are you Ready for Summer?

Hello In Stitches Family!

Just last week, we welcomed in summer, officially. So, how is summer going for you and your family so far? 

With much of the country in a heatwave, we thought we’d talk about different ways to stay cool this summer. From hydration to clothing, here are some ways to feel comfortable even when the temperatures soar!

UV Clothing

Now, we talked more in depth about UV clothing here, but basically these garments are made to be lightweight and breathable AND have UV protection. If you, like Wendy, hate wearing sunscreen, this is the clothing you need to buy!

The added benefit of UV Clothing is that it keeps those pesky mosquitoes off you. They are the bane of our existence right now!

UV clothing

And, if you’d like, we can personalize these items as well. Two birds and all…

Eat Something Spicy!

People from very hot climates, like Mexico and India, know that eating spicy food can cool you down. According to Rick Bayless, an award winning chef, “Chili peppers contain capsaicin, a chemical compound that helps us to perspire more readily.” (Real Simple) So, make something spicy and let the chemicals do their job!

spicy food to stay cool

Cotton T Shirts

Cotton is a cooler fabric than man made fabrics so when it’s hot outside, be sure to throw on a cotton shirt. Bonus points if it’s a light color as well!

cotton t shirts

Stay Hydrated!

We have talked a lot about water bottles, most recently here, and the benefits of staying hydrated, but when we’re hydrated, we tend to not feel the cold as much. So get a great water bottle, personalize it if you want to, and keep drinking that H2O!

water bottles

Air Dry your Dishes

Your dishwasher’s dry cycle pumps out a lot of heat so when it’s a real scorcher, let those dishes drip dry.

air dry your dishes to stay cool

Wear a Hat!

Whether it’s a baseball cap or a cowboy hat, we all know that keeping that sun off your head is a great way to stay cool! It’s also a great way to show the world what you do.

baseball caps

Spray yourself with cold water

This one seems a little self explanatory, but it really does help!

stay cool

And finally, maybe take a page out of Biesen’s book and just enjoy it!

dog enjoying the sun

Whether you love it or hate it, summer is here! What are you doing to stay cool this summer? Let us know!

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