Thoughts of Christmases Past

With the Christmas season officially here, we at In Stitches have started to reminisce about the past!

We all have those gifts that we’ve given or received that just stand out in our minds! The gift from the heart that became a keepsake for one reason or another.

Mike talks about the year they wrapped up a bone for their first dog, Bandit. He waited patiently for them to unwrap their gifts. When they told him ‘OK’, he unwrapped his gift and was so proud to show it off for the rest of the day!

Wendy remembers the difficult year they had in 2017. They had lost their dog Reha that year and were still mourning the loss at Christmas time. They got Ranger as a family gift for Christmas that year. He helped heal a lot of sadness and hurt from a very hard year.

Wayne remembers the year they spent in Texas with the whole Rossman family! There were 11 people there and the mound of presents in the living room took up about a third of the space!

In our business, it’s much the same. We have a few gifts we’ve made that just make us happy when we think about them. So we wanted to share them with you today!

From the sweet to the funny, here are a few of our favorite gifts we’ve made over the years!

Our favorite way to make keepsakes is ornaments! Each aluminum ornament can be printed on 1 or both sides! Wouldn’t a “stoop picture” look amazing on one of these?

Did you see something that got your gift giving juices flowing? Let us know!

Happy Holidays!
Mike and Wendy
In Stitches Embroidery

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