We’re Throwing in the Towel

Hello In Stitches family! Don’t be too worried about this subject line. We’re not ready to give it all up. We love it too much. But we do want to help you find the best Christmas gift ever! So let us give you a suggestion today – towels!


We like a bit of history around here so I wanted to share with you the history of towels.

We have the Turkish people to thank for the use of towels. In the 17th century, they began to use a woven piece of cotton or linen in the Turkish baths because they stayed light when they were wet and were very absorbent. As the Ottoman Empire grew, so did the use of Turkish towels.

Our towels have gotten thicker and more luxurious than those original pieces of cotton but the idea is still the same. And as the Turks did, towels are meant to be shared! (Well, not wet towels, but you get what I’m saying.)

Let’s look at what we can do to personalize a set of towels for your special someone.

We can embroidery a monogram on a towel. That way, when you say the super soft towel is yours, people know that it is!



We can add a name as well.



We can add a picture of something they love.



If you’re buying something for a team, we can put their names and numbers on the towels.



We can embroider towels for special occasions. Like this one that was for a second anniversary. (The second anniversary is cotton, in case you didn’t know.)



Or these with the monogram for the newly married couple. I really like how this monochromatic one turned out. What do you think?



Or these towels with their brand on them. Such a great gift!



And lastly, we have to put in a little bit of humor. Do you know someone who would get a kick out of these towels?


Mike is still chuckling over this one!

Are you ready to throw in the towel with Christmas shopping? We hear that it’s going to be hard to get what you want, but we want you to know that we have towels in stock right now, ready to be personalized just for you! Let us know!

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