Twas a Month Before Christmas

Hello In Stitches Family! Boy oh boy, do I have something fun to talk to you about today!


But first, a poem! Everyone get nice and comfy around the fire as I read to you, Twas a Month Before Christmas adapted by Ashley Linton.

Twas a month before Christmas, well, a month and a half
Not an idea Mom had for her family to laugh
The Mom of the house wanted someone to care
In hopes that her family would smile and be there!
The children were grumpy and tired of home
While the parents were tired of not being alone
And what about Grandparents who are so far away?
Was there a way to include them in our special day?
They needed something to make them all smile
Had the chance to have a fun Christmas already past by a mile?
Aha! Thought the mom as she had an idea!
Family t-shirts are just the thing this family might need-a!
Something funny, or smart, or to bring you a tear
To celebrate 2020! It has been one crazy year!

3 shirt designs

Are you like the mom in the poem? Are you looking for some way to help your family feel together though they’re miles apart? What about a way to show your family pride? Or, even better, can’t you just SEE the family pictures with these babies? Matching family t-shirts are a fun way to make some memories! 

“But, what do I put on these family t-shirts?” you ask. “What can’t you put on them?” I answer! You can put your family’s name. Or something snarky about 2020! (You’ve all seen the memes!) Does your family have an inside joke? Put it on there! Or we can even put a picture on them!


So the moral of our story is this, matching family t-shirts may bring a smile to your face! And we all need a few more smiles this year!

How have you been keeping your family close even if you’re far apart? We asked some of our employees and they said technology! Marco Polo, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, some way to see each other was the consensus! What have you used to stay close? We’d love to hear in the comments!

Have a great week!
Mike and Wendy
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