Love You, But…

Hello In Stitches Family! We have something to tell you that you might not like. It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Never fear! We’re here to help. Now, around here, we don’t take ourselves too seriously so we put together something a little different for you to give to those you love this year.

Valentine's Day

Before we get into the new suggestions for this year, let’s talk about gift giving for Valentine’s Day, but this could help you for any gift.

What does the one you love like?

For Wendy (and Ashley our blog writer), the perfect gift would be garden seeds. And luckily Mike knows this and wants to support her so that’s what he gives her.

For Mike, the perfect gift would be something for his RC planes. Lucky for him, Wendy knows this too!

For our social media guru, Erin, she would love something for her chickens who she likes to take selfies with. 

So what does the person you love love? That’s where to start when you’re buying something for Valentine’s Day.

(And, guys, I’m pretty sure none of us women love mops for Valentine’s Day. Even if we could use a new mop. Unless we specifically say, I want a mop for Valentine’s Day, just don’t do it. Just trying to keep you out of the dog house.)

BUT, anyone would love one of these shirts or hoodies because we all have something that we love just a little more than our loved ones, don’t we?

Something like:

Valentine's Day

I mean, they love you, but first coffee. Or maybe a beer.

Valentine's Day

And, they love you, but maybe they love ice cream just a little bit more.

Valentine's Day

Or, you could get really sweet – see what I did there – and show them that you love them s’more.

Now for the fine print: black t-shirts and hoodies only.

Are shirts and hoodies not your loved one’s thing? We have you covered. You can order a mug for them. Because they might not want to wear a shirt that says, “But first, coffee” but they truly believe it in their souls.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day may be a bit commercial but it can still be a fun time to let that one you love know that you do. Let us help! 

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