Water Bottles, Water Bottles Everywhere!

Hello In Stitches family!

I don’t know about you but we often joke about how when we were little, we never drank any water and if we did, it was from the hose.

Good times.

But now-a-days, staying hydrated is an important part of our day, as it should be. 

As with a lot of things, we can help you with that.

We sell water bottles that won’t just keep your water cold, but will also let everyone know whose water bottle it is. You see, we can laser engrave just about anything onto these water bottles to make them perfect for you, your family, your employees, or your clients.

They come in 12 oz size:

water bottles

Also in 20 oz:

water bottles

Here are the 32 oz colors:

water bottles

And finally the 40 oz size:

water bottles

Great colors and sizes, right?

So, let’s take a minute and talk about a few reasons why water is so important to our bodies! Here are 16 reasons, according to Healthline

  1. It helps create saliva
  2. It regulates your body temperature
  3. It protects your tissues, spinal cord, and joints
  4. It helps excrete waste
  5. It helps maximize physical performance
  6. It helps prevent constipation
  7. It aids in digestion
  8. It helps with nutrient absorption
  9. It helps you lose weight
  10. It improves blood oxygen circulation
  11. It helps fight off illness
  12. It helps boost energy
  13. It aids in cognitive function
  14. It helps improve mood
  15. It helps keep your skin bright
  16. It prevents overall dehydration

And, we’d add, helps you look cool!

Take a look at some we’ve done!

water bottles

So, get ready for those hot days and order your water bottle today. Remember, we can engrave just about anything on them, from your logo to your favorite animal! Simply send us a message and we can talk about it!

PS Want something a little extra for your water bottle. Take a look at this water bottle boot and carabiner. The boot helps keep your water bottle free from dings and dents and is another way to show off your logo or saying or name – whatever you can think of! (Though do remember that copyright is a real thing.)

water bottle and boot

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