We ❤️ Webstores!

Hello In Stitches Family!

A while ago, we introduced you to Webstores. Webstores are a free service we offer our customers that will help you:

✔️ With school or work fundraisers

✔️ With sports team gear

✔️ With spirit gear for sports teams

✔️ With special events

✔️ And so many more ways!

If you’d like a quick refresher, here is the video Wendy did then.

Since then, we’ve added some new features you can use with your Webstores, so Wendy is back with the run throughs.

First, we want to introduce you to what MORE you can do with fundraisers on Webstores:


Now, let’s talk about Spirit Gear and Team Gear. NOTICE the Bundles!

spirit gear

Lastly, let’s talk about Special Events! (We have Bundles here too)

special events

Now do you see why we love Webstores? They’ve made everything so much easier!

Let us know what Webstore you need!

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