Wendy’s Winter Picks

Hello In Stitches Family! Here is South Dakota, we are interrupting this regularly scheduled fall season to bring you WINTER! That’s right, our first snow of the year is making everyone miserable around here.

So it got us thinking about Wendy’s Winter Picks! How does she keep warm in the frigid temperatures that are here!

winter picks

Did you know that you lose 7-10% of your body heat through your head? 

Well, there is some scientific discussion on that, but I’ll tell you that in my experiments, if my ears are cold, then I am cold!

So for this season’s picks, Wendy went through our hats and came up with her favorites!

Here is Wendy’s pick for feeding the horses and mucking out the stalls, our fleece headband. This keeps her ears warm but doesn’t get too hot when she’s working up a sweat!

winter picks

As for pure warmth, this is Wendy’s choice. Do you like hats with pompoms? They seem to be all the rage. Let us know!

winter picks

Plus, it’s kind of cool to be able to show off the In Stitches logo wherever we go!

Now, Biesen, our dog, wants to chime in on her favorite hat too! She loves the headband to keep the rain out of her ears when she has to go out on a stormy day like today.

winter picks

We just wanted to show you the honorable mention. It is a knit cap with a fleece lining! All the cuteness of the knit with all the warmth of the fleece. Do you like a fleeced-lined hat?

winter picks

Amid all this fun, we do have to talk about something important. Supplies are low. Our suppliers are telling us that they are going to be out of product to send us well before they normally would. So, this year especially, order early for Christmas! To help you with that, here’s a little suggestion. Monogrammed warm things! This shows that special someone that you want them to be nice and warm and that you know their name (how else would you be able to tell us what letter to use for the monogram?)

winter picks

So get those orders in and get them in early because we can’t promise we’ll be able to get exactly what you want as we get closer to Christmas!

Hope you’re keeping warm where you are! Do you like to wear a hat in the winter? We’d love to know!

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