What Can We do for You in 2021?

Hello In Stitches Family! How was your Christmas? Did Santa find you and yours? Sure hope so! We had a wonderful Christmas! We ate good food. Laughed with friends and family. And got some amazing gifts! We also were busy right up until Christmas and that is all thanks to you!

And now it’s time to think about 2021.

2020 was quite the year, wasn’t it? Luckily, because we’re a home based business, we never had to shut down but our business did slow. That was hard, but we are so thankful that when we started this company, we decided that we would never go into debt with our business. If we don’t have the money, we don’t buy it. And that saw us through this tough year.

But even with the slow down, we had an amazing year! We embroidered over 3,000 hats alone!  And that’s all thanks to you, our customers. Thank you for trusting us with your gifts and your work shirts and your hats and everything in between. We have a lot of exciting plans for the new year! We can’t wait to see where it goes!

But first, can we ask for your help? We want to know what we can do for YOU in 2021? Could you take a few minutes to fill out this survey to tell us? We want to listen to YOU, our customers, about what we did right, what we need to improve on, and how we can make your lives easier in the coming year!

>> Fill out this quick survey <<


We’d like to take a second to introduce you to some new (or improved) things we’re doing next year!

Are you in charge of ordering decorated apparel for a sports team or group? We can help you set up your own web store for that. What’s a web store? It’s a sales page that we help you set up. You give the link to those on the team or in the group and they order the size and color they want and pay there. Easy peasey! Contact us for more information! 

Here’s an example of an order we recently did:

Second, will you be needing screen printed items this year but you don’t have the money right now, or know the sizes just yet? Join our Screen Print Transfer Program! (There’s more information here about it, but we are EXPANDING IT!) In a nutshell, instead of screen printing onto a shirt, we screen print onto transfer paper. That way you can order enough to get good deals, but then pay for the shirts you need as they come up! It’s great for uniforms or company shirts! If you have any more questions about this time and money-saving program, click here to contact us!

Happy New Year everyone! We hope for good things in 2021! 

Have a great week,
Mike and Wendy
In Stitches Embroidery

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